Datatrans Modul for OXID e-Shop Enterprise Edition

Datatrans is a Swiss Payment Service Provider (PSP), specialized in creditcard transactions for VISA, Mastercard, American Express (AMEX), Diners Club, Disconver, JCB and Airplus. In a recent project for the internationalization of a Swiss online pure-player of wearable devices, we had the opportunity to work with the Datatrans technical APIs and produce a payment-module for OXID eShop EE 5.1.

Exhaustive Documentation

We were impressed with the amount of multi-lingual documentation that Datatrans provided for technical integration, conveniently located under a dedicated Technik/API section.

Source: Datatrans AG > Technik/APIs

Hidden Mode

The so called Hidden Mode was a pleasant surprise. This mode allows shop-programmers to collect CC data inline during the checkout process and perform the payment process in the background via API calls (routed via the OXID-Module). The usual data-point collected via the creditcard form are:

  • Creditcard Number
  • CVV Code
  • Expiration MM/YY

3D Secure – Permanent Conversion Killer

As always, while CC companies attempt to enforce 3D-Secure as a security mechanism, we once again realized that end-users, failing to remember their passwords, 9 out of 10 times cancel the CC-transaction, possibly the whole checkout as well. This of course is a deep downside for the shop-operators from the conversion point of view.

OXID Module Backend

The OXID Admin interfaces allow for comprehensive configuration of various payment-type related settings in the backend.

Admin Backend - Datatrans Modul für OXID eShop

Datatrans Modul für OXID eShop – Admin Ansicht


The module has been developed for OXID EE 5.2 and will shortly be downported to EE 5.1.

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