Deactivate OXID 4.5.x Guestbook

In previous versions of OXID it was possible to deactivate the Guestbook from the /admin.  In the backend an oxconfig table variable was set.

Since OXID 4.5.x, most likely due to widgetization efforts in the product, deactivation of the Guestbook is not possible from /admin.  It has to be accomplished on the template by commenting out the effecting lines. For example, the calling-link in the footer can be commented out in /out/template_name/tpl/widget/footer/services.tpl

The below should work

<!-- a href="[{ oxgetseourl ident=$oViewConf->getSelfLink()|cat:"cl=guestbook" }]">[{ oxmultilang ident="WIDGET_SERVICES_GUESTBOOK" }]</a><br/-->

OXID merchants can contact us for such template modifications!

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