ERASMUS EYE Project 01 – Product Entrepreneur

Digital Marketing for Niche Software Product in Germany

euroblaze™ is an E-Commerce technology service provider in Germany and Switzerland. The company specialises in the OXID E-ShopShopware and odoo software systems.

One of euroblaze’s products is MegaPack™ an end-to-end out-of-the-box webshop solution. Using MegaPack™, customers can have their individualised webshops live within 2 working days.

This ERASMUS project pertains to the planning and execution of the Digital Marketing and Digital Sales of MegaPack™.

As an owner of this project, you will accomplish the following goals:

Strategic Goals

  • Define target market(s) offering fastest revenue potential, based on quantitative market research
  • Define price points (unified or differentiated by market)
  • Brand positioning
  • 3 year evolution goals

Operational Goals

  • Define and execute marketing campaigns
  • Setup and utilise web-traffic measurement systems
  • Implement product-delivery processes
  • Implement customer service processes
  • Define product roadmap and manage feature evolution of the product

This project is to be operated as an independent company. All results are measured as such. A small amount of technical and marketing resources and expertise is available from the parent euroblaze™. The product MegaPack™ is available as Minimal Viable Product (MVP).

Sales of the MegaPack™ product are realised on the online webstore, where an appropriate landing-page will be setup, including the textual (German) and visual description of the solution, as also a link to the demo-installation.

For questions please contact Marko Mladenovski at