TrustedShops Widgets Kill Page-Performance?

Pictures speak a 1000 words. In one of our recent shop-page measurements, we woke up to the rude reality that the popular TrustedShops widget slowed the page-performance of one of our webshops by some -400%.

Performance Slow-Down due to TrustedShops-Widgets

We expect this to influence the Search-Engine-Ranking of the shop, as page-speed matters to the likes of Google.

And of course, it degrades the user-experience (UX) on the page.

A couple of the approaches we will be considering to solve this problem are:

  • Disconnect the widget from the TrustedShops infrastructure, and cache the ratings locally (on shop-server)
  • Load a static image, generated dynamically, automatically and periodically that displays the current ratings to shoppers.

A simple Shop-Module could be utilized to perform cache the contents of the widget, or generate the bitmap which will enable a performant display of the shop’s ratings.