CSV Export Module for OXID Shop Customer Data

euroblaze has recently completed the developement of a new OXID module called Export Users Module. This module enables OXID shop owners and shop administrators to export customer data in the common CSV format. Easily chose the required data create the CSV file with just one click.  The following fields are available for export:

  • Company_Name
  • Street_Address
  • Street_Address_2
  • Postal_Code
  • City
  • Salutation
  • First_Name
  • Last_name
  • Telephone_Number
  • Email_Address
  • National_or_International_Customer

This module is indispensable for the realization of powerful marketing campaigns like newsletters and much more.


The OXID-User-Export module has been developed for OXID eShop 4.4.2.  We will be happy to adapt it to later versions for Agencies and Merchants at cost.


Pricing for the OXID-User-Export module is differenciated between Merchant License and Agency License.  Both licenses are based on GPL.  Merchant License, usable on a single shop domain (and on localhost for testing purposes) costs EUR 25.  Agency License, usable on unlimited number of domains, costs EUR 45.


Merchants and agencies interested in the OXID User-Export-Module may contact Ashant Chalasani at +49-711-7947-2394 or a.chalasani@euroblaze.de

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