Top OXID mod_rewrite, .htaccess Issues on Linux

Before you take off into the glories of e-Commerce with OXID, sometime, .htaccess and mod_rewrite configuration issues might pose small hinderences.  This is a collection of problems that you might encounter, and solutions to them.

RewriteBase in .htaccess

If you are are running a shop at a path other than the root web path (ex., say at, you will have to define the RewriteBase in your shop’s .htaccess file.  Add this line:

RewriteBase /path/to/dir/subdir/

Ex. if you are running the shop at, then the RewriteBase should be:

RewriteBase /shop/

AllowOverwrite All

In your Apache server configuration, AllowOverride should be set to All (None by default on most Apache installations).

This helps SEF URLs to work, by allowing URL manipulation in the .htaccess file of your OXID installation.

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