Why A Good Website Is Not Good Enough

Today’s internet is glutted with countless websites, blogs, networks, shops, wikis and plenty of other information. The times when people have “surfed the internet” in sense of pursuing a hobby are definitely past history. Nowadays we quickly search the information needed and navigate with speed of light through search engines and popular websites. This makes the creation of a good website a challenge, if you don’t want to lose visitors within the glimpse of an eye. Test yourself: Do you remember, when you lately visited a rather unattractive website? How long did you stay before you pressed the “close tab” button or navigated away from it? According to recent studies, web users decide with just 50 milliseconds, whether to stay on a new website or not.
This is why a good website can’t be good enough in those times. It must appeal all senses of the visitor and make him keen for more.

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