Google+: An Introduction

Everyone has recently been talking about Google+, but still many have difficulties discovering the value of the new social network by Google. What has Google+ what Facebook and Twitter does not have? Why dealing with Google+?

First should be mentioned that the service is still in the beginning of development. For example there are no “pages” for businesses and organizations like on Facebook yet. However, the developers of Google+ have announced a similar function with more options for customization.

The following video gives a short introduction in Google+, it’s functions and it’s position on the market:

Why you should discover Google+?

I remember the time when MySpace was a social media star and Facebook / Twitter were a small services noone wanted to use. At that time I created a Facebook account, and I only had two contacts. There were no Facebook pages, the “Like” was not yet developed, not to mentioning the chat, groups, media integration, games, etc. I looked into my account maybe every 3 weeks or so. Today, MySpace is a desert and more than 500 million people share their information and news on Facebook.

It’s worth every now and then to move with the time and try new things. Here are some of the advantages of Google+:

  • Using so-called “circles” you can create groups of contacts and share your content just with them. Contacts can be in several circles, as in real life (friends that are colleagues at the same time etc.). You can share content for everyone like on Facebook, but you can also limited your posts for certain circles. Links, videos, pictures, locations may also be shared. You can also add email addresses of contacts who are not on Google+ and share with them. A check-in function and an app for Android and iPhone are also available.
  • You can “follow” people like on Twitter, without having a mutual friendship, which is obligatory on Facebook. Just put the contact in a circle and you can follow his/her postings.
  • Hangouts provide an easy platform to make video chats or conferences with up to 10 people.
  • Facebook is known for the complex and often opaque privacy settings. Often, changes happen behind the backs of the users. Many users are desperately waiting for an alternative to Facebook.
  • The interface looks much cleaner and more intuitive in Google+.
  • Today, almost every Internet user has a Google account and therefore you do not need another sign-up. Also, the implementation of other useful Google products such as YouTube, Google Docs, GMail, Picasa, etc. is optimal.
  • The main product of Facebook is Facebook itself. Therefore, Mr. Zuckerberg earns his money with trading data and advertising. The main product of Google isn’t Google+. Google earns money elsewhere and therefore it is very likely that you will never have advertising etc. on Google+.

“Why should I start from scratch? I have all my contacts on Facebook!”

“I have phone numbers of any of my friends, why should I set up an email address?”
“I have the email addresses of my friends, why should I register on MySpace?”
“I have all my contacts on MySpace, why should I set up a Facebook account?”

These questions are repeating over and over again. It seems to be in the nature of man is to react hesitant and fearful to innovation and change.

But instead of ignoring Google+ one should play with it and try out the services included. With the time, the users will then find out for themselves which platform offers the better service. My advice: take a look at it! If you suffer a lack of contacts, you can follow some “celebrities” here and play around with the functions this way.

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