They need Facebook 2.0, Urgently!

Big-G is going social and for me this marks a big moment in the history of the Internet, on par with facebook’s launch of social-media as we know it today. It sounds very negative, to say that Google has turned it’s big guns on facebook with the launch of G+, but heck I get a kick out of saying anything good about Google, because they care about the progress of the Internet in the right direction / have enriched me and my company in such far reaching ways (aside Search, we use Apps, Gmail and Analytics).

Inspite of it’s 700 million users, Facebook should be fretting about G+, and afraid right now of being displaced as the top-social-network on the planet. Infact, the most urgent and the fastest ever corporate-reincarnation should happen soon at facebook, for following reasons:

  1. The tiny 8 point fonts on fb user interfaces suck. This might have in the Harvard-dorm invention stage, but 700 million people are getting ever bigger screens and want to read easier. Change this soon or they’ll be stuck with it for a long time.
  2. The attitude to privacy at fb’s top management needs to radically tame down. Fb might think they want to radically open up the Internet, but it’s users are not that far on the vision. We users still want, ultimate if possible, control over our information. Social media should be a media for voluntary-sharing, not forced. And users will gravitate to platforms that respect our fundamental instincts for privacy (read G+)
  3. Google is combining Search with Social, and everyone knows Google has a 70-95% (depending on the geography) market-share for search. What this really means is website-owners who want to be found over Google (and believe me this is just about eveyone) have a strategic alignment with G+. They will _join G+ very fast. And by _join, I mean they will bring their _content and _users to G+. And when that happens, we can all say “game over”. You see Facebook doesn’t offer this incentive to website owners.

Now with Facebook 2.0, they have to neutralize this defecit, which they could probably do ONLY by combining their social-data with search, as in Bing and Yahoo! Infact the upside of is could be an interesting synergy of the type 1+1=3.

And we are not even factoring in Mobile here yet. If anyone wants to continue this article on how Search, Social and Mobile will overlap to shape the way we consume online-services, feel free to continue below.

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