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Top-5 Search Engine Marketshare in Germany

We all know Google leads the pack in Search Engine marketshare. But if you ever wanted to optimize your OXID eShops for other search-engines as well, this graph will give you a snapshot of the top-5 search-engines’ marketshare in Germany.

I must say, kudos to Google, but what an uninteresting graph:)

How many Websites does Planet Earth Host?

235 million websites worldwide (till end 2009)

126 million Internet-users blog around the world (

84% of social-websites have more women than men!

27.3 million new Tweets per day (2009).  Over 50 million in 2010, equates to about 600 tweets per second!

260 billion page-views on Facebook per month (2009)

Please email me if you have 2010 stats.

Source: with many thanks to Jesse Thomas,

Growth of Internet Users between 1995-2010

Growth of Internet Users 1995 - 2010

1995 – 45.1 Million

2000 – 420 Million

2005 – 1.08 Billon

2009 – 1.73 Billion

2010 – 1.96 Billion

Source: Miniwatt Marketing Group

How Much Email does Mankind Send?

90 Trillion emails sent during 2009

247 Billion emails sent on an average per day

200 Billion spam mails sent per day

1.4 Billion email-users worldwide

81% of emails sent are spam! (thanks to ever improving spam-filters, the spam recieved is much less)

Source: with many thanks to Jesse Thomas,

76% of Internet Marketers Plan to Use Facebook as Part of Social Media Strategy

Facebook Usage for e-Commerce

Facebook Usage for e-Commerce

According to a recent survey of 476 marketers conducted by the e-Commerce Optimization company SeeWhy, 76% of them plan to use Facebook for driving sales as part of their Social Media Strategy.

The exact split of statistics is:

  • 76% plan to use Facebook as part of their Social Media strategy
  • 2% have no plans at all
  • 20% are not sure

The 76% of marketers planning to benefit from Facebook will be using it for the following:

  • Drive Traffic to existing e-Commerce site – 67%
  • Intend to use Facebook-Apps, instead of micro-sites for specific promotions and launches – 44%
  • Plan to build e-Commerce Apps on Facebook – 26%

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