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CSV Export Module for OXID Shop Customer Data

euroblaze has recently completed the developement of a new OXID module called Export Users Module. This module enables OXID shop owners and shop administrators to export customer data in the common CSV format. Easily chose the required data create the CSV file with just one click.  The following fields are available for export:

  • Company_Name
  • Street_Address
  • Street_Address_2
  • Postal_Code
  • City
  • Salutation
  • First_Name
  • Last_name
  • Telephone_Number
  • Email_Address
  • National_or_International_Customer

This module is indispensable for the realization of powerful marketing campaigns like newsletters and much more.


The OXID-User-Export module has been developed for OXID eShop 4.4.2.  We will be happy to adapt it to later versions for Agencies and Merchants at cost.


Pricing for the OXID-User-Export module is differenciated between Merchant License and Agency License.  Both licenses are based on GPL.  Merchant License, usable on a single shop domain (and on localhost for testing purposes) costs EUR 25.  Agency License, usable on unlimited number of domains, costs EUR 45.


Merchants and agencies interested in the OXID User-Export-Module may contact Ashant Chalasani at +49-711-7947-2394 or

euroblaze Präsentiert das CSV Export Modul für Kundendaten

euroblaze hat kürzlich die Entwicklung eines neuen OXID Moduls namens Export Users Modul erfolgreich abgeschlossen. Dieses Modul ermöglicht OXID Shop-Betreibern und Shop-Administratoren die Extrahierung von Kundendaten in das allgemein gebräuchliche CSV-Format. Wählen Sie einfach die erforderlichen Daten wie Name, Firma, Anrede, Adresse, Telefonnummer etc. aus und erstellen Sie die CSV-Datei mit nur einem Klick.
Dieses Modul ist unverzichtbar für die Vorbereitung und Durchführung von Marketing-Kampagnen wie etwa Newsletter und vieles mehr.

Bei Interesse hinterlassen Sie einfach ein Kommentar oder kontaktieren Sie uns direkt per Email oder Telefon.

Why we Standardize on phpDesigner as IDE for OXID Programming

As a company that churns out a few hundred lines of OXID-related code every day, it is important for us to have access to the right development tools at hand. We already profit enormously from the Debian 5.0 Based OXID Virtual Machine.  When combined with the phpDesigner programming IDE, we are left with asking nothing much more!

Here are the top reasons, in order of importance to us, why we standardized on the phpDesigner IDE for all our OXID coding work.

  1. Code Explorer feature, which lists all functions, classes, dependency-files, variables and any base classes associated with a PHP code file.
  2. Go to Declaration feature, which looks up all the code-files in the tree and jumps directly to where a particular function or class has been defined.  After years of waiting this feature, which is all too familiar to Windows programmers in the Visual Studio IDE, has finally been made available to PHP coders.
  3. FTP and SFTP file-browser, which when used in combination with the OXID Virtual Machine, works with no noticable latency
  4. Color-coding, not only for PHP, HTML, CSS and Javascript code, but also for SMARTY template files.

Many other functions are listed on the software publisher, MP Software of Denmark’s, website.  The software comes at an affordable license price for individual developers as well as software companies.

We hence recommend the phpDesigner IDE to beginners as well as advanced OXID programmers.

Other IDEs that PHP Developers Love

  • PHPStorm
  • ZEND
  • Eclipse
  • and of course… VIM

Is Your Business Prepared for Mobile Devices?

According to a report by direct digital marketing software and services provider Knotice, emails from retailers and financial services companies are opened on mobile devices more frequently than any other sector.
Six mobile device operating systems contributed to the 20.08 percent of retail e-mail opened on the go: the iPhone, the iPad, devices using the Android operating system, devices using the Windows Mobile or Windows Phone 7 operating systems, Palm, and Black Berry. Knotice studied a sample of 153.5 million Q4 2010 e-mails from 12 industries.


Ist Ihr Geschäft Fit Für Mobile Endgeräte?

In keinem anderen Sektor werden E-Mails so häufig auf mobilen Endgeräten geöffnet wie im Einzelhandel und Finanzsektor. Laut einer Studie von Knotice wuden im 4. Quartal 2010 20.08 Prozent aller einzelhandelsbezogenen Emails auf mobilen Endgeräten geöffnet. Die Studie bezieht sich auf eine Stichprobe von 153.5 Millionen Email aus 12 verschiedenen Branchen: iPhone und iPad liegen klar vorne, gefolgt vom Android-Betriebssystem. Geräte mit Windows Mobile oder Windows Mobile 7 sowie Palm und Black Berry belegen Platz 4 bis 6.


Alternative OXID Themes

To specify a non-standard theme in an OXID e-Commerce installation, the theme folder should be specified in the folder.  Setup the $this->sTheme variable:

// Template theme name, a directory in out/ folder
containing all needed resources
$this->sTheme = 'custom_theme';

Then ensure that this custom_theme folder exists in the /out/ directory.

OXID Module for Exporting Products to Google Base/Merchant

Google provides the Product Search platform which serves as an excellent search-engine for Internet-Shoppers.  To help online-merchants using the OXID eSales software upload their full catalogs in a few clicks to the Google Product Search database, euroblaze is today publishing the OXID Module for Exporting Product Catalogs into Google Merchant/Base in XML format.

The module allows:

  • Selection of language of which products should be exported
  • Inclusion/Exclusion of products and categories
  • Input of the title of your feed
  • Input of feed description
  • Selection of currency for prices on your Google Shopping search listings
  • Single-Click XML generation and download to desktop
  • For automated fetching from Google Merchant account, a URL is saved in the ~/exports folder.

The following screenshots show the configuration possibilities.




The module is available in 2 versions:

  • Agency License, compatible with OXID 4.5.x CE/PE/EE, with full source-code disclosure and 30 days developer support (EUR 160 + VAT)
  • Merchant License, compatible with OXID 4.5.x PE/EE (EUR 95 + VAT)

The Agency License can be used by web-agencies, software developers and companies in multiple projects.  The Merchant License is meant for shop merchants and is restricted to a single domain (as also development installations running on localhost/

Integration Services

euroblaze assists merchants running OXID Shops with integration of the Google Base Module.  Contact us with your shop-URL, name and phone-number.

Agencies requiring development and support services for OXID modules may contact us to know more about our Agency Partnership Program.


The modules shall be made available over OXID eXchange in both versions shortly.  Please watch this space for the exact links in the next few days.

OXID-Modul zum Import von Produkten in die Google Produktsuche

Mit der Google Produktsuche hat der Internet-Gigant eine ideale Suchplattform für Internetkäufer geschaffen. Um OXID-Shopbetreibern dabei zu helfen, Ihre Ware auch in der Google Produktsuche erscheinen zu lassen, veröffentlicht euroblaze heute das OXID-Modul zum Export von Produktkatalogen ins Google Merchant/Base XML format.

Das Modul ermöglicht:

  • Sprachauswahl für den Produktexport
  • Währungsauswahl für den Export-Feed
  • Einbezug und Ausschluss spezifischer Produkte und Kategorien
  • Eingabe des Feed-Titels
  • Eingabe der Feed-Beschreibung
  • Einfacher Download der XML mit einem Klick
  • Zum einfachen Abruf vom Google Merchant Account wird die URL unter dem Ordner ~/exports gespeichert.

Die folgenden Screenshots zeigen die Konfigurationsmöglichkeiten.




Das Modul ist in 2 Varianten erhältlich:

  • Agenturlizenz, kompatibel mit OXID 4.5.x CE/PE/EE, mit komplettem Quellcode und 30 Tage Entwicklersupport (EUR 160 + MwSt.)
  • Händlerlizenz, kompatibel mit OXID 4.5.x PE/EE (EUR 95 + MwSt.)

Die Agenturlizenz kann von Web-Agenturen, Softwareentwicklern und verschiedenen anderen Unternehmen genutzt werden. Die Händlerlizenz ist auf Shopbetreiber zugeschnitten undnur für eine Domain erhältlich.


euroblaze unterstützt OXID-Händler mit der Integration des Google Base Moduls. Kontaktieren Sie uns mit Angabe Ihrer Shop-URL, Name und Telefonnummer.

Agenturen auf der Suche nach OXID-Modulentwicklungsdienstleistungen können von unserem Agency Partnership Program profitieren. Kontaktieren Sie uns und erfahren Sie mehr.


Beide Modulversionen werden in Kürze über OXID eXchange bereitgestellt. Wir halten Sie hier über die genauen Links auf dem Laufenden.

Where do HTML title Tags Feature

Every webpage has them, and OXID provides great mechanisms to craft them along with the page URL – the <title> tag is infact omni-present.  Here’s a listing of the various locations where the title-tag is featured:

  1. Search Engine results
  3. RSS Feeds
  4. Headlines of many blog/CMS software features in title-tag
  5. Sharing on Social Networks, such as

Indeed according to SEOMoz, <title> tag ranks as the 4th most important SEO factor.

If you can think of any other importances of the <title> tag, please share with us below!

Google Checkout Module for OXID

Google Checkout Module for OXID eShopeuroblaze is glad to publish the Google Checkout Module for OXID eShop.  Please get code, installation instructions and further info from our website from the OXID-modules-page.