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Top OXID mod_rewrite, .htaccess Issues on Linux

Before you take off into the glories of e-Commerce with OXID, sometime, .htaccess and mod_rewrite configuration issues might pose small hinderences.  This is a collection of problems that you might encounter, and solutions to them.

RewriteBase in .htaccess

If you are are running a shop at a path other than the root web path (ex., say at, you will have to define the RewriteBase in your shop’s .htaccess file.  Add this line:

RewriteBase /path/to/dir/subdir/

Ex. if you are running the shop at, then the RewriteBase should be:

RewriteBase /shop/

AllowOverwrite All

In your Apache server configuration, AllowOverride should be set to All (None by default on most Apache installations).

This helps SEF URLs to work, by allowing URL manipulation in the .htaccess file of your OXID installation.

Perl Development Environment on Windows

The Perl runtime environment on a Debian 5.0 Virtual Machine worked out wonderfully.  It allows the (almost) same development environment to be run on a VM executing on a Win XP/Vista system (the host), as we use on production machines (99% on Linux, ours as well as customers’).  The Host and the VM operate in a virtual LAN.  So the VM can function as a server, while the host can be used

  1. As a development machine where code is written
  2. Test (web)-client

Just bear in mind that the VM is the server for all practical purposes, and you can access it in any manner you’d access a LAN or Internet based server.

In my setup I use Ultra-Edit SSH-enabled IDE for Windows, which lets me connect to the Debian VM  over an SSH connection.


OXID Partner Tag 2009 (Post Event)

It was refreshing to be at the OXID Partnertag 2009 in Freiburg today, together with the entire partner community, to meet old contacts, say hello privately to some customers, and to get to know a few people anew.

I found the insights provided by the OXID management-team thoroughly thought-provoking and wish to blog some of the views here. Some random notes (blogged live from the event) can be seen at
Roland Fesenmayr drew some some interesting extrapolations of the real-world into the e-Commerce world. Arguably e-Commerce is today in stages when the first professional shops were setup in the brick-and-commerce world. When a shop meant, a grocery, tailor, butcher or a bookstore around the neighborhood corner. But then things got sophisticated with the dawn of national/international department store chains, franchising etc. At some point in this evolution of the brick-and-mortor world, retailers started to focus, above and beyond offering a great value for customers’ money, on creating a “shopping-experience” for their users.
In the e-Commerce industry, this would mean that e-Retails will someday soon focus on:
  • Adapting to new business models rather than a single store-front, divulging into cooperative models together with product distributors and possibly a redefinition of roles
  • Focusing on the “buying-experience” of shoppers, for ex. offering a mall-like experience.

On the technology front, it is foreseeable that e-Commerce systems such as OXID will evolv into something similar to operating systems. Andrea Seeger proposed that, systems of the future would offer something of a small core Kernel that takes over a central funtional role, allowing multitude of new functionality to be built around it. In the application space a SOA model can be imagined.

As always, Ralph Trapp’s “Crystal Ball” commentary was interesting and insightful. He delved into the importance (and conditions) of getting modules certified. This is definitely an area of growth for us at €uroBlaze. An OXID Appstore is supposed to be available soon which will allow seemless integration of modules into OXID based shop systems. This will be an absolute time-saver for partners who are required to integrate modular functionality!
All in all, an exciting day at the OXID Partnertag, though I had to quit early due to the
SharePoint User Group in Stuttgart (€uroBlaze is the host this time).

OXID Template Customizations at Flat-Rate

For the first time in the industry, we are pleased to offer OXID template-customizations under a FLAT-RATE model.

This novel business model offers our customers, speed and cost-efficiency of delivering OXID based shops. In general, shops are produced within 4-5 days after PSD design is delivered, including production of XHTML/CSS, multiple-browser compatibility and SMARTY template customization.

For more details, please visit: euroblaze OXID e-Commerce Development Services

euroblaze Joins the Oxid Solution Partner Program

€uroBlaze is today proud and excited to have officially entered the Oxid e-Sales Solution Partner program. Through this program, we aim to reach out to the developer, user and partner communities of Oxid e-Sales AG of Freiburg, Germany, and serve them with skills and technical man-power from our e-Commerce Competence Center in Kolkata, India.

Commenting for this blog-release, the Chief Executive at €uroBlaze Mr. Ashant Chalasani said, “The Oxid community is a mature group of business to consumer e-Commerce users who have chosen a fundamentally strong platform for their online sales initiatives. We look forward to the challenge of serving them.”

The Oxid e-Commerce system is based on a component architecture, allowing easy extension of functionality such as additional payment modules, shipping modules, customer management modules and so on. To date of this release approximately 70 partners world-wide comprise the various levels of Oxid partner programs. €uroBlaze aims to contribute to module development as well as customization to enterprise requirements, including templates and systems interfaces.

About Oxid e-Sales

Oxid e-Sales AG is a fore-runner in the commercial Open Source market for e-Commerce solutions, fast gaining market share in the German speaking markets, as well as beyond in markets far away as the China. For information on Oxid’s exiting product and service offerings, please visit

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