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Show Shipping To/From Dates

The OXID eShop database allows for a range of days (to and from) to be stored within which a product would ship.  It is then up to the template to “consume” these database fields and display them under shipping-information of a product’s description page.

The shipping dates range can be set under Administer Products > Products > [Search for a Product and load it’s details] > Stock (tab).  Then fill out the Delivery time From and To, as seen in the below screenshot.

OXID Shipping Date From-To

OXID Shipping Date From-To

In order to test the functionality, you may use the latest OXID e-Shop, available from

Add Images into OXID Shop Using FCKEditor

[pic] OXID Product Description Pictures Using FCKEditor

OXID Product Description Pictures Using FCKEditor

If you are using the OXID CE B2B Pro Shop, or for that any other standard OXID installation with the FCKEditor, and wish to insert images into your OXID:

  • Product Descriptions
  • Category Long Texts
  • CMS Pages

or any other place the FCKEditor is used to edit content, one config file in the FCKEditor Module for OXID has to be set to define the file-storage location on the server, as well as the relative path to which URLs on web-page refer to.  Following are the adjustments to be made in the config.php file found at:

// Path to user files relative to the document root.
$Config['UserFilesPath'] = '/shopdir/out/' ;
// Fill the following value it you prefer to specify the absolute path for the
// user files directory. Useful if you are using a virtual directory, symbolic
// link or alias. Examples: 'C:\MySite\userfiles\' or '/root/mysite/userfiles/'.
// Attention: The above 'UserFilesPath' must point to the same directory.
// $Config['UserFilesAbsolutePath'] = $_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT'] . '/out/' ;
$Config['UserFilesAbsolutePath'] = '/home/shopdir/www/out/' ;


The main drawbacks of this way of setting the FCKEditor image path are:

  1. Cumbersome to dig into the FCKEditor installation and change code-files
  2. When moving files from development, to staging, to production servers, this path has to be adjusted each time.  In addition, if you are using SVN for development purposes, the path has to be readjusted on each svn up, or figure out a way to eliminate it from the SVN paths.


Ideal would be for the FCKEditor Module for OXID to extract this path from OXID’s file, which would also offer the advantage of a single-point-of-maintenence.

See also

Images in OXID Article-Descriptions and CMS-Content

OXID Product, Category and CMS Editor

The default OXID eSales software comes without a WYSIWYG Editor.  euroblaze uses the FCKEditor to facilitate this to shop-owners who don’t want to deal with writing HTML code.

Inserting Images into FCKEditor

To upload pictures into your content edited by the editor, follow the markings on the screens below:

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How does Facebook Connect work with OXID

Facebook, with it’s 1/2 billion users is one of the largest databases of user-accounts on the Internet.  Since version OXID eSales 4.4.x, shoppers on shops build on OXID CE/PE/EE technology can simply use Facebook Connect for using their Facebook username/password for buying on OXID Shops.

Shop-owners running their shops on the OXID e-Commerce software can take the following steps to offer Facebook Connect.

  1. Register your shop as a new application on Facebook.  This will give your shop a new Application ID and Application Secret Key.
  2. Enter the App ID and App Secret into the OXID Shop
  3. é voila!  Done

Registering your OXID Shop as a Facebook App

Create Facebook App for OXID eShop

All Facebook Apps can be registered on the “Create an App” page.  Fill out a name for your site, which will be saved in Facebook as the App_Name, and the shop’s URL.  The screenshot to the right shows how we have registered the latest OXID 4.5.0 BETA Demo Shop.

After doing a CAPTCHA security-check, Facebook will issue an App-ID and an App-Secret-Key for your OXID shop.

Entering Facebook App ID and App Secret Key in OXID /admin

Open up the OXID /admin area and follow Master > Core Settings > Settings > Facebook (Tab) and enter the Facebook Application ID and Application Secret Key.

Facebook-Connect Integration with OXID

Facebook-Connect Integration with OXID

That’s it!  Depending on the choices made above, Facebook Connect, and other Facebook social plugins will start to appear on the shop.

OXID Shops using Facebook-Connect

Following is a list of OXID Shops we know of that are using Facebook Connect.  If you are one, drop us a line as comment here with a tag-line your site’s URL and we’ll add your link here too!

German Umlauts in SEF URLs

OXID offers excellent possibilities to convert German umlaut characters (ä, ö, ü, ß) into simple ASCII characters as part of the SEO configuration under Core Settings.  ä, ö, ü, ß, for example, can be replaced by ae, oe, ue and ss respectively.

Follow:  Master Settings > Core Settings > SEO

German Umlaut Characters in OXID eSales

German Umlaut Characters in OXID eSales

Google Checkout Module for OXID

Google Checkout Module for OXID eShopeuroblaze is glad to publish the Google Checkout Module for OXID eShop.  Please get code, installation instructions and further info from our website from the OXID-modules-page.

Setting Free-Shipping for Products in OXID eShop

In addition to the diverse shipping-rules that can be fine-tuned under /admin > Shop Settings > Shipping Cost Rules, it is possible to set individual products up with free-shipping.

Free-shipping can be setup in OXID at the article details level under /admin > Administer Products > Products > (pick a prod) > Extended.

Free Shipping at Product Level in OXID eSales

Free Shipping at Product Level in OXID eShop

This is useful in scenarios such as:

  • When there are products of particularly high-value and you wish to offer free-shipping (hopefully the weight and volume of the product aren’t to high)
  • To automatically define promotions based on free-shippinig setting.

Time Limitations

Note that this setting is time-unlimited, and will be effective until it is explicitly deactivated by /admin.  On the same note, Shipping-Cost-Rules can be limted for specific periods of time.

Login with Account Number + Email-Address

OXID Shop Login with Account Number

OXID Shop Login with Account Number

Did you know that the OXID eSales e-Commerce system allows buyers to login using both the email address as well as the account-number as the username of the account.

This account number is shared with user when she signs-up for an account.  The same is sent by email during sign-up process

Improving Performance of OXID Shops – Part 01

NGINX for OXID ShopsWhen creating B2C e-Commerce Shops, it is important to provide a high performance of online-shops.  For one thing it is important to keep an online-shop fast so that they are able to “quickly take care of business” and hence better the conversion rate.  For the other it is important to plan sufficient capacity so the the number of users/buyers can scale, even so in high-peak seasons.

LAMP/Apache and NGINX for OXID eSales

The classical LAMP installation, though powerful in it’s server-side processing capabilities and features, is usually not the fastest server solution for certain types of data such as static media content such as images and videos.  Due to this OXID shops hosted on LAMP, while relying on Apache2/PHP5 and MySQL’s robust features, can benefit significantly in speed by relying on a high-performance static-content servers, such as NGINX.

There are several server configurations possible:

  1. Apache and NGINX running on the same machine, the former hosting the OXID eSales application and the latter hosting only the related static content.
  2. Apache running on an application server (AS) machine and NGINX serving static content (CS, Content-Server) from a separate machine.
  3. Apache running on an application server, and NGINX service content from a network of content servers – a classical Content Delivery Network (CDN)

This series of articles explains how to setup OXID eSales shops in the 3 above configurations.

Inspiration & Resources

Inspiration for this solution was taken from the following resources:

Negative Stock Values

OXID allows to store negative stock-values of product.  This feature gives you the complete picture of stock availablity (i.e. when there is zero stock it goes to negative value when new purchase are undertaken).  This feature can be enabled by simple three steps, in:

Master Settings -> Core Settings -> Settings and under Stock there is checkbox for enabling or disabling negative stock value.

Enable/disable negative stock-values in OXID