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KLARNA Integration with OXID e-Shop 4.3.1

We today had the opportunity to implement KLARNA, the Payment-by-Invoice system with one of our customers’ OXID e-Shop 4.3.1.

Klarna provided a relatively well programmed module for OXID e-Shop integration which allowed us to take care of the job fairly quickly (about 4 hours of effort).

One of the things that put us off a little bit were the optional changes they proposed to be done to product.tpl template, which introduces Klarna’s marketing elements on the shop’s product-pages. These changes are not mandatory for achieving the payment-option functionality, and hence should have been specified as “optional”.

Freebie with OXID – Settings for Free Giveaway Products in /admin

OXID eShop never ceases to amaze it’s uses with the constant build-up of marketing feature, all so useful for e-Commerce merchants. In it’s latest CE/PE/EE releases, there are 2 possible ways to attach free give-aways to catalog-products. This article describes how.

Assigning the Free Product into the Bundled Product


In the following example a free product can be added to the particular product.
Select Administer Products -> Products.
Click on the Product where you want to assign the Free Product.
Goto Extended tab, assign the Free Product to the Bundled Product and Save.

Goto the particular product where you assigned the bundled product in the Shop and add the product into the Shopping cart.
You can find the free product assigned to the Purchasing product.

Bilder in Artikelbeschreibungen und CMS-Inhalten

OXID ist ein sich rapide entwickelndes System. a rapidly developing system, it is a good idea to think about optimizing your upgrade processes from both within minor-versions and major-versions.

In order to make image URLs within article-descriptions and CMS-content as portable as possible, use such notations as:

<img alt="" src="[{$oViewConf->getImageUrl()}]my_picture.jpg" />

for inserting pictures in your WYSIWYIG-Editor.  This will ensure that the dynamic system-generated path to pictures is applied for display in shop front-end.

UTF-8 Characterset for Profihost Databases

By default the MySQL5 database server uses the latin1 characterset, and Profihost, one of the popular OXID hosters in Germany leaves it in that setting – a poor choice for web applications supporting the German (or for that matter any European language).

OXID Schulungen: Community / Professional / Enterprise Edition

euroblaze bietet Ihnen ganzjährig Schulungen zum Thema OXID und e-Commerce an. Zu festgelegten Terminen können Sie sich bei uns in folgenden Bereichen fortbilden:

  1. Anwenderkurs zum OXID e-Shop – Community/Professional Edition
  2. Mitarbeiter-Schulung für die Shopverwaltung via OXID e-Shop EE
  3. OXID Programmierschulung mit 1 Tag Praxisbetreuung – von Community/Professional/Enterprise Edition


Unser Schulungsprogramm zielt darauf ab, Ihnen als Shopbetreiber das entsprechende Know-how zu vermitteln, um das Maximum aus Ihrem Online-Auftritt heraus zu holen. Dieses Angebot richtet sich besonders an:

  • Web-Agenturen, die sich mit der OXID-Technik vertraut machen möchten
  • Firmenmitarbeiter, die für den Betrieb von OXID-Shops zuständig sind
  • Neue Shopbetreiber bzw. Gründer, die für den Online-Auftritt auf OXID bauen möchten
Darüber hinaus können Shopbetreiber und Internetagenturen auch von unserem umfangreichen Schulungsprogramm zum Thema e-Commerce profitieren.


Bitte setzten Sie sich mit uns in Verbindung, wenn Sie ein detailliertes Programm unserer Kursangebote erhalten möchten.

Die folgenden Themen werden in unseren Schulungen abgedeckt:

Anwenderkurs zur OXID e-Shop Community Edition (CE)

  1. Produktpflege, Produkthierarchie, Kategorienkatalog
  2. Kundendatenpflege und Kundenkommunikation
  3. Bestellabwicklung, Bezahlung
  4. Verkaufsoptimierung über Varianten, Auswahllisten, Attribute
  5. Suchmaschinenoptimierung

(Insgesamt 12 umfangreiche Kapitel. Bitte kontaktieren Sie uns für weitere Details).Unser Anwenderkurs zum OXID eShop (für Shopbetreiber) dauert einen Tag (8 Stunden) mit Mittagspause und zwei kleinen Kaffeepausen. Wir bieten unsere Kurse in unseren Räumlichkeiten in Stuttgart an, oder alternativ auch an Ihrem Standort.

OXID Programmierschulung + 1 Tag Praxisübung

Optimal für Programmierer-Teams mit Bedarf an technischem Training im Rahmen der OXID eShop Plattform (CE/PE sowie EE).

Inhalte der Schulung

  1. Einführung in die Funktionalitäten und Unterschiede der CE, PE sowie der EE der OXID eShop Software
  2. Architektur u. Quellcode-Aufbau des OXID eShop
  3. Datenbankstruktur des eShops
  4. Modularchitektur u. Erweiterungen
  5. Programmierung in der SMARTY Template-Sprache
  6. Resource Description Framework (RDF) Tagging in Webshop-Templates
  7. Themes u. Templates als Erweiterungen des eShops
  8. Frontend-Entwicklung mit Blocks u. Widgets
  9. OXID-Programmierung im Bootstrap Frontend-Framework
  10. Modulprogrammierung zur Funktionserweiterung
  11. Installation u. Wartung von OXID-Modulen
  12. Besonderheiten bei der Enterprise-Programmierung
  13. Verschlüsselungstechnologien – ZEND Guard u. IonCube
  14. Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) von OXID-Projekten


Laptop mit lokalem OXID eShop CE erforderlich

  • Live-Programmierung eines einfachen Templates/Themes
  • Modifizierungen des Azure-Themes
  • Programmierung eines einfachen OXID eShop Moduls


3 Tage: 2 Tage Theorie + 1 Tag Praxis


  • Vor Ort in Ihrer Firma
  • Alternativ in 70565 Stuttgart

Alle Schulungen werden auf Basis den aktuellsten OXID eShop Version durchgeführt.

Unsere Programmierer-Teamschulung besteht aus zwei Tagen Theorie und einem Tag Praxis und ist am besten für kleine Teams mit bis zu 4 Personen geeignet. Die Schulung wird hauptsächlich in Englisch und teilweise unter deutscher Moderation durchgeführt. Im Anschluss an die Schulung können Sie optional noch eine Fernbetreuung für 7 Folgetage buchen – damit ist Ihr Team bestens für die ersten Projekte gewappnet.

Weitere Details sowie Preise u. Voraussetzungen zu den Teamschulung mit Praxisbetreuung erhalten Sie direkt per Email oder Telefon.

Ansprechpartner: Ashant Chalasani, +49-711-7947-2394

Using GMail? Boost Your Productivity!

GMail is one of the most popular email services nowadays. The following techniques may help you to increase your productivity using Google’s email service.

1. Search

Google’s core competence is what? Exactly: Search. This also applies to GMail. There are a variety of commands, that let you search your inbox fastly without spending much time digging through folders.
from: If you are looking for emails from a certain person. You can also combine this with other search terms.
to: Works exactly the same as from: but searches for a specific recipient.
has:attachment When you know that the message you want had a file attached
The Minus substracts words from your search results. This is very useful, when your results are not precise enough.
subject: with this command you only search for words in the subject of an email.
after: and before: With these terms you can search for emails in a certain date range. Also here you can combine this command with other search terms.

2. Use The Chat!

As a routine, people answer emails by sending a reply. This can get very long-winded and time consuming for topics that actually require a quick exchange. Why aren’t you simply using the chat implemented in GMail? Therefore click on the “reply as chat” link at the bottom of the message. If you’ve never chatted with the contact before, you will see a link to “invite” the contact to chat. Speed up conversations by using the Chat!

3. Use Labels and Filters!

Labels work like folders and help you keeping your inbox organized. To create a label, go to the bottom of the existing labels in the left navigation, click “more,” and click “Create new label”. You can create as much labels as you want, rename them, assign a certain color and manually drag and drop emails to any label you want. Filters are a nice addition to that and make your inbox organize itself automatically. In the GMail options under “Filters” you can set up actions like automatically assigning labels to emails from a certain address or with a certain phrase in the subject.

4. Use Keyboard Shortcuts

GMail has many built-in keyboard shortcuts that allow you to execute common tasks without having to reach for your mouse and click through menus. All you have to do is activate the Keyboard Shortcut function in the GMail options. Here are some useful examples:
c Press “c” to compose a new message.
Tab & Enter Pressing the tab key and then the enter key will send an email, if you are in the composition view.
r Reply on an email that you are reading.
f Forward an email that you are reading.
Use keyword shortcuts whenever you can. They will make you more productive.

These four tips will help you become a more effective GMail user: use the search engine professionally, speed up your conversations with the chat, use labels and filters to organize your inbox and react quickly by using keyboard shortcuts.

Tesco Presents: The Homeplus Subway Virtual Store

Watch this impressive video about how Tesco developed a virtual store on the Korean market!
But everything has a downside: Would you like others to chose the vegetables, fruits and meat for you? This might work with non-fresh food, but somehow I would be afraid to receive brown-spotted apples, open bananas and meat with too much fat and bones. Food is a very sensitive product for e-Commerce, don’t you think?

register_success.tpl in OXID Template Framework

The register_success.tpl in the OXID Template Framework is the template which is called when a user successfully registers.

It can be found under ~/out/<theme_dir>/tpl/register_success.tpl.

This template is particularly interesting for Adwords/Analytics conversion measurement, since it’s where conversion-codes are implanted, in order to capture the successful registrations on OXID eShops.

Delete Google Chrome Cookies Selectively by Domain

The ultra-fast Google Chrome browser now allows to selectively delete cookies from specific domains.  For getting this, select Wrench > Options > Details > Content Settings > All Cookies and Website Data.  Then search for a specific domain you are looking for.

Alternatively you can also key in chrome://settings/cookies on the address-line to load the Cookie-Selector page.

Great Example of Guerilla Marketing

Guerrilla marketing “works because it’s simple to understand, easy to implement and outrageously inexpensive,” says Jay Conrad Levinson, the man who coined the phrase.

Consumers have grown immune to big budget advertising, but marketers that expend a bit of time and effort – rather than piles of money – can generate effective results with inexpensive, small-scale stunts.

Take a look at this great example of guerrilla marketing, where promotions costing no more than a few dollars can have a big impact on the consumers: