mod_deflate Measurements with OXID – Part 03

Apache2’s mod_deflate offers further efficiencies in the front-end page-performance of OXID eShops.  It uses the GZIP compression format, by which the server compresses the resource to be transmitted and the client/browser decompresses the same before presentation on screen.

To be measured are performance parameters of time and file-size.  We used the Google Developer Tools to make the following time measurements.

The measurements taken were the following resources:

  • HTML Document
  • Cascading Stylesheet Files
    • style.css
    • oxid.css
    • jquery.jcarousel.css
  • Javascript Script Files
    • oxid.js
    • jquery.min.js
    • jquery.jcarousel.js
    • ga.js
Time Measurements for OXID eShop Resources using mod_deflate

Time Measurements for OXID eShop Resources using mod_deflate

In order to interpret this data it is important to understand the different columns in the table.  The “post” time values in Send and Revieve columns, from after mod_deflate was used in comparision with the “pre” values indeed are lower.  Nevertheless there are some cases where the values are indeed higher.

We will be making further performance measurements in the next days, not only the time-values but also the file-sizes and report them shortly here.

We look forward to your feedback and observations – or “Leave a Reply” below!

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