OXID Private Sales for Business-to-Business (B2B) Shops

Since Version 4.4.x the OXID e-Sales software has shipped with an exciting feature to empower a couple of e-business models over and above traditional B2C online-sales.

Private Sales enables building shops targeted at a group of pre-registered users.  This is useful for example for creation of premium sites such as Gilt.com, or the newly launched in Asia Vipcrazy.com.  Similarly it accomodates for creation of shopping clubs.

One of the great applications of Private-Shops is to build Business-to-Business (b2b) e-Commerce/e-Business sites – sites that are targeted to resellers and distributors who need to be pre-registered with the online-vendor.

How Private Sales Works in OXID

OXID Private Sales Login Screen

OXID Private Sales Login Screen

Any user wishing to enter a site is required to login before seeing product, prices, pictures etc, similar to what login-screen seen on this OXID-Demo-Shop.

Once the user is logged in, she benefits from not only a private shopping area, but also Persistent Shopping-Cart.

Persistent Shopping Carts

Assuming this feature is activated by the Shop-Owner, the shopping-cart remains persistent, which means products taken into the cart remain there for a specific period of time, irrespective of if the user logs out and then back in.

The duration of persistence can be set in /admin by the Shop-Owner.

Configuring a Private Shop in OXID

Private-shops can be configured in OXID using the /admin-Area (refer to Demo-Shop).  The settings can be found under Master Settings > Core Settings > Settings.  Then choose Private Sales.

OXID Private Sales Configuration

OXID Private Sales Configuration

Enabling Private Shopping

Private Shopping can be activated/deactivated using the Enable/Disable setting.  This setting restricts access to all the shop-pages, including products, customer-service pages and CMS pages.

Basket Exclusion

If this feature is activated, users will be forced to either finish the order, or empty the basket before then move on to shop in a different category.

Basket expriation

If enabled, shoppers will be able to login and logout of the site for a certain period of time, specified in next setting as number of seconds of validity period (1200 in example below).


Overall the Private Sales feature in OXID is unique and allows to expand online-sellers’ business model beyond a simple B2C shop.

For taking advantage of our OXID Programming Services to implement your Private-Sales business model, please call or email us from https://www.euroblaze.de/de/kontakt.html.

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