The Power Of Email Marketing

With social media marketing, many retailers are tempted to forget the power of email campaigns and email marketing. But the good old email is still an indispensable tool for creating revenue, follow consumers, present new products and foster loyalty. According to a new study which analyzed the use of email among 200 business representatives, 91% said to drive incremental revenue, 89% said to increase purchase frequency, 81% said to promote products and 80% said to improve loyalty among the customers.

The study also shows a few examples of how several online shop are using their e-mail marketing messages to reach their goals:

• Levi Strauss offers free shipping to shoppers who order on the same day as they receive the e-mail message.

• Beauty suppliers retailer Sephora USA Inc. is sending personalized e-mails on the birthday of their customers.

• Housewares and home furnishings retailer Williams-Sonoma Inc. offers a loyalty program membership for $30, allowing customers to purchase products free of shipping costs for 1 year.

• Women’s apparel retailer Forever 21 includes links to the retailer’s blog and contact / sharing information in their email.

• Office supplies retailer Office Depot Inc. sends out messages to remind consumers to replenish stocks of frequently purchased products.

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